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In 2017 the Rotaract Club Baden decided to participate in a 10-days festival, with its own bar as a fundraising project. The goal was to raise money to finance cataract surgeries for the people of the Himalaya region who often suffer from this disease due to high levels of UV radiation. Thanks to the support of four Rotary partner clubs they raised around €90.000. The success of the project was widely spread and it won the award for best European social project at the EUCO 2018. 
Raphael Signer - RAC Baden & Sandro Galli - RC Baden

Medizin Hilft

The registered society »Medizin Hilft e.V.« is an independent non-profit volunteer organization. It was founded by members of several Rotary Clubs and other volunteers in Berlin, Germany in response to the refugee crisis in 2014/15. Since then, a group of 150 volunteers have been offering free medical care, psychologic counselling and social advice for people who have only limited access to the German health care system or none at all. For this purpose, they have started several projects, including the opening of a volunteer medical center located in a Southern district of Berlin. Over the years there have been financial contributions by 30 Rotary clubs in 6 countries. The current global grant is supported by 23 Rotary and Rotaract clubs in 4 countries.
Pia Skarabis-Querfeld - RC Kleinmachnow BACK

Why Rotarians are so involved in blood donation

Every year in France, more than one million patients are treated thanks to the donation of blood.
This is why the Rotary launched My Blood for Others in Toulouse, the largest blood drive in Europe.
In close collaborative partnership with the French Blood Establishment, more than 120 cities in France have since followed this example and more than 400,000 donors have been welcomed by thousands of volunteers from Rotary, Inner Wheel and Rotaract.
More broadly, the Rotary Action Group for Blood Donation promotes blood donation all over the world.

Jean-Claude Brocart-RC Toulouse-Ovalie & Cees Smit Sibinga-RC Groningen-West BACK
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